A New World

Project Kolo is currently in development and beta stages right now. However, for those who are interested in the game, let us introduce ourselves:

First, we want to introduce Project Kolo as a Fantasy-style Massive Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game (MMORPG or MMO for short).

We are currently focused on a Social Media aspect in the game where players can converse with each other and work together in-game to create and maintain a world that they create and not rely on game developers to create for them.

Second, we want to create a real world economy that uses crypto currency. Potentially each player can create their own service or hire other players to do a service in-game. For example: if you want a sword , then you can either create your own from gathered resources, or purchase one from an online craftsman who already has the resources and quality skills to craft a good sword for you.

As new features come in Project Kolo, above all else, we hope you enjoy playing!

(we need income, too)

Dragon Concepts for Project Kolo

Help with Project Kolo development costs

Please Add coin wallet address in plugin settings panel

Please note: any transfers to the above listed wallets will go to development and maintenance of Project Kolo. These wallets are strictly for donation as we implement new features into the game. We do not currently have the Real Cash Economy feature set up, yet and any players who have sent money to any of these wallets will not see any Kolo Coin in their account.

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